company profile
Esim Technology Co., Ltd specializing in smart card smart card personalization equipment production equipment data preparation, application of smart card system solutions, and reader devices, smart card, smart card and Inlay production, sales and service.
At present, the company's products not only in the domestic high-end market occupy the absolute market share, products are exported to the United States, France, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and other countries.
With the new payment methods continue to emerge, world bank transfer card, will usher in a new and greater development opportunities. A core will provide "intelligent production technology of flexible smart card solutions for customers, to become the best in the world of intelligent card equipment manufacturers and suppliers of smart card application system solutions.

The total construction area of 20407.39 square meters, the building is 10140 square meters (4 layers), the office building is 9168 square meters (6 layers), R & D building is 1875 square meters (3 layers).